1.0.7 Change Log

Change Log:

  • Gienah the mechanic has shown up in town, she lives in the windmill
  • Gienah has a new quest looking for an ancient item deep in the cave
  • Added a music Sound test options, unlocked through Gienah
  • Alcyone has a new quest she needs help with after completing Zosma's quest to unlock a new Inn upgrade and new food item
  • Nashira has a new quest you can get after completing her first quest
  • Added a 3d compass unlocked through Nashira's new quest
  • Flicker has new quest in town to help him heal
  • New ruins have been sighted in the 4th and 5th depths of the cave
  • Lava now glows much more and can be seen at a distance through the fog
  • Optimized the town
  • Torches once again burn out when you go to town
  • Silver now uses the gem model in the cave
  • Safety Goggles now uses the appropriate equipment model in the cave
  • Fixed rare bug that would send Lesath into the sky instead of town.
  • Fixed bug where Lesath would fall for a moment before some cut scenes began
  • Fixed bug where you could complete the tutorial without finishing Flicker's quest
  • Fixed rope sound effect not properly looping while you climb
  • Fixed navigation of the building upgrade menu with controllers


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